International Institute of Medicine and Science, Inc. 
Dedicated to the Preservation and Betterment of  Human Lives Through Advanced Medical Sciences Research, Education, and Service to the Communities we Serve and Humanity 
A Member of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO)              
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        The activities of the International Institute of Medicine and Science, Inc. devolve along the following main lines:


  • Preparation and conduct of research activities initiated by the Institute (its Directors, Officers, Staff, National and International Correspondents) that are consistent with the Institute's Strategic Plan.  
  • Conduct of research activities initiated by academia (U.S., international), governments (Federal, State, local), Industry, and private Foundations that are congruent with the Institute's Strategic Plan. This research can address either complete programs, aspects only, or phases of programs depending on existing expertise at the Institute or that could be co-opted by it;. 
  • Consultations on research methodology or conduct of research in the medical specialties and in scientific and technological fields of interest to the Institute;
  • Consultations on the ethical conduct of clinical trials, research with animal subjects, and related scientific integrity.
  • Consultations on the regulatory requirements (U.S., international) governing the conduct of research.


  • Lectures, seminars, and workshops on research methodology and conduct in the medical specialties or scientific disciplines covered by the Institute's Strategic Plan.
  • Workshops on the regulatory requirements attending the initiation and conduct of clinical trials, research on animals, and scientific integrity.
  • Workshops on clinical drug development focusing on the drug discovery process, trial phases, respective responsibilities of the investigators and the Institutional Review Boards (IRBs), and interactions between investigators, IRBs, sponsors, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or its international analogues.
  • Specialized courses, seminars and workshops on aspects of the medical specialties or/and scientific and technological disciplines. 


  • Preparation, submission and presentation of specialized reports on medical or/and scientific and technological issues to health commissions of governing bodies (local, State, Federal).
  • Testimonies to governmental authorities (local, State, Federal) on issues of public interest.
  • Lectures, seminars and workshops on subjects of interest to the local community and the public at large.
  • Humanitarian medical service to local, regional, national, and international communities.

        In addition, the Institute is also interested in:


  • Community-based research is research conducted by, with, or for communities (for example, with civic, grassroots, or worker groups throughout civil society). It differs from the bulk of the research and development (R&D) conducted in the U.S., most of which (at a total cost of more than US $200 billion/year - year of reference 2008) is performed on behalf of business, the military, and the Federal government, or in pursuit of the scientific and academic communities' intellectual interests.
  • There is a need for a nation-wide community research system that would make empowerment through mutual-learning universally accessible.
  • Our findings are:
    • CBRE process differs fundamentally from mainstream research in that it is coupled tightly with community groups that are eager to learn the results and use them in practical efforts to achieve constructive civil change;
    • CBRE is not only usable, it is also employed for beneficial purposes;
    • CBRE often produces unanticipated and far-reaching ancillary results, including the production of new social capital, as well as heightened social efficacy;
    • There is an unmet demand for CBRE (in the U.S.A, currently more than in the Netherlands!);
    • Compared to conventional research, CBRE is cost effective; and
    • Most U.S. community research centers find their work chronically constrained or jeopardized by an inadequate funding base (currently ~ US $20 million).  


        On March 14, 2009, Director/Trustee Dr. Gerard Sabbah, DDS, and his team held the first organizational meeting of their Foundation "Drive in Afrika" in Nice, France (see page "Press releases" of this website. Subsequent events will be held annually.

        During Summer 2009, Director/Trustee Dr. Peter M. Scheer, MS, DDS and his team of "Flying Samaritans" sojourned in Costa Rica and Kazakhstan to provide free oral and maxilllo-facial surgery, including correction of cleft lips and palates, and helping patients with other disformities. Subsequent missions will take place annually.


  • Every Spring, Director/Trustee Geoff Bond, MS, CEng, MICE, MISE, MIL, MITI tours Southern California to provide continuing medical education, including in-service training for medical doctors. Some of the facilities that hosted Mr. Bond include: Antelope Valley Hospital, Lancaster, CA; Desert Regional Medical Center, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Palm Springs, CA; Eisenhower Hospital and Medical Center, Rancho Mirage, CA; Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center, Tarzana, CA; Los Alamitos Medical Center, Los Alamitos, CA; Methodist Hospital, Arcadia, CA; Placentia-Linda Hospital, Los Angeles, CA; Providence St Joseph's Medical Center, Burbank, CA; and Ventura County Medical Center, Ventura, CA. 
  • Every spring, Director/Trustee Dr. Gerard Sabbah, DDS organizes a thematic conference on dental science and its economic and ethical impacts. Venue is the Carlton Hotel, Cannes, France. 


        Drawing from its membership (Directors/Trustees, Officers, Correspondents), the Insitute maintains a roster of Experts and Key Opinion Leaders in their respective fields of competency and expertise. These physicians and scientists can provide independent expert opinions (first, second, or multi-numerary) or furnish services (including Grant & Contract work, whether limited to project elements or complete projects; Position Statements; White Papers, etc.) 
        The above services are made available to individuals, institutions or organizations whether in the private or public sectors. They can be requested through this Institute.












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