International Institute of Medicine and Science, Inc. 
Dedicated to the Preservation and Betterment of  Human Lives Through Advanced Medical Sciences Research, Education, and Service to the Communities we Serve and Humanity 
A Member of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO)              
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Core Values

Directors (Trustees), Officers, Program Directors, Staff, International Correspondents and all others associated in any way with the Institute hold in common the following core values (acronym TRECC): 

The firm belief or confidence in the honesty, integrity, reliability, and justice of self, others with whom associated, and the institutions of affiliation or representation. Integrity is the quality or state of sound moral principle, uprighteousness, honesty, and sincerity.

Consider and treat others with deference and courtesy, showing consideration, and avoiding intrusion upon them.

Identify intellectually with others.

Possess the ability, skill, fitness, and qualification to be affiliated with or represent the institution and its members (generally defined).

            Sincerely feel s
orrow for the sufferings or troubles of another or others, with the urge to help.


In addition, they believe in the following Program Evaluation Practices. The Institute:

  • Must supply evidence of its social impact;
  • Use various methods to:
    • Assess effectiveness;
    • Demonstrate community value;
    • Provide useful information; and
    • Meet sponsors and public demands.
  • Be primarily interested in:
    • Measures of programmatic outcomes; and
    • Evaluations primarily for current sponsors, followed by program staff and Board members.
    • Evaluations with a high level of stakeholder participation and involvement will be used to improve outcomes and evaluation's credibility.
  • Make use of outcome information for improving services.










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