International Institute of Medicine and Science, Inc. 
Dedicated to the Preservation and Betterment of  Human Lives Through Advanced Medical Sciences Research, Education, and Service to the Communities we Serve and Humanity 
A Member of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO)              
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A Board of Directors (Trustees) develops and oversees organizational policies and goals, budgeting, fund raising, and fund distribution. Upon recommendations, the Board also grants academic titles (with rank ranging from Lecturer to Professor depending on qualifications, academic achievements, experience, and value to the Institute). Directors are:
        Alain L. Fymat, BA, BS, MA, MS, PhD, PhD, Founding Chairman (Radiology; Radiological 
Sciences; Radiation Medicine/Oncology; Critical Care Medicine; Physics) - USA
        Kenneth Kei Adams, MD, DABPM & R (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) - USA
        Karthik Anantharaman, MD, MBA (Internal Medicine; Surgery) - India                                       
        Anil Arundi, DDS (Dental Surgery; Information Technology) - India
        Sarit Assouline, MD, FRCPC (Hematology; Oncology) - Canada            
        Jean-Philippe Azulay, MD, PhD (Neurology; Neurological Sciences) - France
        Denise Barbut, MD, MRCP (Internal Medicine; Neurology) - USA
        Richard Beliveau, PhD (Biochemistry; Molecular Medicine; Nutritional Medicine;
                Cancer; Surgery and Neurosurgery; Physiology) - Canada        
        Geoff Bond, MS, CEng, MICE, MISE, MIL, MITI (Nutritional Anthropology) - Cyprus
        Denis Boucq, MD (Plastic, Reconstructive & Esthetic Surgery) - France
        Braccini, MD (Othorinolaryngology) - Italy
        Bogdan Nicolescu-Catargi, MD, PhD (Endocrinology; Diabetology) - France
        Venkatesh Chittarvu, DDS, MPH, MBA (Dental Surgery) - India
        Anne Deville, MD (Pediatric Hematology; Immunology; Oncology) - France
        Paul DeRidder, MD, EMBA, FACS, FICS, DAB, DACPE (Urology; Surgery) - USA
        Michael Elkin, PhD (Oncology) - Israel
        Eytan Ellenberg, MD, PhD, MBA (Public Health; Hospital Risk; Pharmaceutics; 
                Biostatistics and Modeling; Bioethics) - France
        Charles Ghenassia, MD (Ophthalmological Surgery) - France, Italy
        Herve Haas, MD (Pediatrics; Pediatric Emergency) - France
        Boris Herscovici (Herskowitz), PhD (Nutritional Medicine), Israel
        Silvija Jakstiene, MD (Radiology, Neuroradiology, Neuroscience) - Lithuania
        Amir H. Karimzadeh, PharmD, N.Ph. (Clinical & Nuclear Pharmacy; Immunotherapy; 
                Neurosciences and Genitourinary Health) - USA 
        Yann Meunier, MD, FAMS, FACTM (Emergency Medicine, Tropical Medicine, Public Health, Health Improvement, Health Promotion, Clinical Trials) 
Giuseppe Monetti, MD (Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Radiology; Sports Medicine) - Italy
        Papa, MD (Infectious Diseases) - Italy
        Jean-Louis Roche, DDS (Dental Implantology) - France
        Eric Sabbah, MD (Cardiology) - Canada
        Gerard Sabbah, DDS (Surgery; Periodentistry; Dental Implantology; Dental
                Robotics) - France, Italy
        Raymond Sabbah, MSc (International Business & Finance) (Community Leader) - Spain
        Robert Sabbah, MD, FRCSC (Obstetrics; Gynecology) - Canada
        Peter M. Scheer, MS, DDS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery; Cosmetic Surgery;
                Orthognathic Surgery; Dental Implantology) - USA
        Christian V. Siodmak, MD, PhD (Postgraduate Medical Education; Health Information Systems; 
                Healthcare Management; Hospital Management) - ASEAN nations

        Christine Soler, MD (Pediatric Hematology; Immunology; Oncology) - France
        Robert D. Solomon, MD (Diagnostic Radiology; Medical Imaging; Teleradiology; Drug Trials; Medical
                Informatics; Trans-Cranial Magnetic Induction) - USA
        Mauricio del Torto, PharmD (Pharmacology) - Italy
        Gianfranco Trapani, MD (Pediatrics; Nutrition Science; Osteopathy; Philotherapy) - Italy       
        Sukesh Trikha (Surg Lt Cdr), MD (General Medicine; Hospital & Health Care; Medical Ethics) - India
        Sanford Wheeler, CFM, CRPC, CRPS (Global Financial Advice and Wealth Management) 
                (Community Leader) - USA 
        Narendra Vikramaditya Yadav,
MD, MRCP (UK) (Interventional Cardiology) - India

        Chairman's Declaration of Beliefs regarding Board practices, effectiveness, and organizational effectiveness: 

        I believe that:

  •  How well the Board discharges its responsibilities influences stakeholders' judgment of organizational effectiveness;
  • The most important indicators of an effective Board include:
    • Using a Board Development or Nominating Committee;
    • Ensuring that all Board members have an Office or Committee assignment;
    • Using a process of Board self-evaluation;
    • Using a process to evaluate the Chief Executive; and
    • Having written expectations of Board members' giving and fund raising responsibilities.
  • The Board has adopted the following "objective" effectiveness practices :
    • Developing and updating a Strategic and Operational Plan;
    • Conducting a needs assessment;
    • Monitoring client satisfaction; and
    • Having an independent financial audit.


        An Advisory Council guides the Board of Directors in critical policy issues. Advisors are:


execute the Board policies in operating the Institute. Officers are:

        Alain L. Fymat, BA, BS, MA, MS, PhD, PhD
                President & Chief Executive Officer, Professor
                Executive Vice President, Professor
                Vice President for Medical Affairs, Chief Medical Officer, Professor
                Vice President for Scientific Affairs, Chief Scientific Officer, Professor 
                Vice President for Engineering, Chief Engineer, Professor
                Vice President, Administration, Chief Administrative Officer
         Eytan Ellenberg, MD, PhD, MBA
Vice President, Business Development
        Liliane Bazerghi
                Executive Secretary & 
                Treasurer, Financial Officer  

International Directors/Correspondents lead the Institute activities abroad. They are:

Robert Sabbah, MD, FRCSC - Canada
        Gerard Sabbah, DDS - France $Italy
        Narendra Vikramaditya Yadav, MD, MRCP (UK) - India          
        Giuseppe Monetti, MD - Italy
     Silvija Jakstiene, MD - Lithuania
        Christian V. Siodmak, Md, PhD - South-East Asia - ASEAN Countries                  



        Program Directors conduct current special projects related to various interests of the Institute. They are:

        Liliane M. Bazerghi (Area: Psychology)
        Giuseppe Monetti, M.D. & Gerard Sabbah, DDS (Areas: Integrated Facial and Musculo-Skeletal Imaging)
Alain L. Fymat, BA, BS. MA, MS, PhD, PhD (Areas: iMedicine; Nanomedicine; Nanobiotechnology; Epigenetics; Ecogenetics; Personalized Medicine; Oncology; Immunotherapy; Neurological Disorders)

        National Offices
 are located in the following States:


        Eytan Ellenberg, MD, PhD, MBA (Public Health, Pharmaceutics, Hospital Risk and Management; Medical
                Linguistics; Biostatistics and Modeling; Bioethics)
                Medical Director, Air Liquide Sante International, Paris, France 
                Visiting Professor, Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, UNIRIO, Brazil
                Visiting Professor, Stanford University                 
        Alain L. Fymat, BA, BS, MA, MS, PhD, PhD (Radiology; Radiological Sciences; Radiation Medicine/Oncology;   
                        Critical Care Medicine; Physics)
                Professor, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
                        Weil Institute of Critical Care Medicine, Rancho Mirage, California 
              Professor of Radiology and Radiation Medicine (Oncology)    
                        Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Loma Linda, California
                Professor of Radiology and Director of campus-wide Division of  Biomedical  & Biobehavioral Research
                        UCLA/Drew University of Medicine and Science, Los Angeles, California  
                Associate Professor of Radiological Sciences
                        University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California 
                Professor of Physics and Director of  Research 
                        University of Lille, Lille, Franc
                Visiting Professor of Geodesy & Geophysics
                        University of Southern California, Los Angeles 

        Amir H. Karimzadeh
, PharmD, N.Ph. (Medical Education; Global Medical Affairs: Immunotherapy, 
                Neuro Sciences)
                Vice President, Medical Affairs, Cory / Paeth Medical Education Group   

        Yann Meunier, MD, FAMS, FACTM (Emergency Medicine; Tropical Diseases; Public health; Health Improvement & Promotion; Clinical Trials)

Peter M. Scheer, MS, DDS
(Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery; Cosmetic Surgery; Orthognathic Surgery; 
                Oral Implantology)
                Visiting Professor of  Dental Surgery
                        Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry, Loma Linda 


        Venkatesh Chittarvu,
DDS (Dental Surgery; Periodontics)
                CEO, Dental Surgery, Inc., Miami


        Robert D. Solomon, MD, DABR (Diagnostic Radiology; Medical Imaging; Teleradiology; Drug Trials;
                Medical Informatics; Transcranial Magnetic Induction)


        Amir H. Karimzadeh, PharmD, N.Ph. (Clinical & Nuclear Pharmacy;Education; Research; Immunotherapy:
                Neurosciences, Genitourinary Health)


        Kenneth Kei Adams, MD, DABPM&R (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) 
                Chief Operating Officer, Skilled Rehab Specialists


      International Offices are located in the following countries (other countries are constantly under consideration): 


       Wien (Vienna):               

Peter M. Scheer, MS, DDS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery; Cosmetic Surgery; Orthognathic Surgery;
                 Oral Implantology)
                Visiting Professor, 
                        Allgemeines Krankenhaus der Stadt (AKG, Wien)
                Visiting Professor,
                        Vienna General Hospital and Clinic


        Valentin Lachezarov Hranov, PharmM, MBA (Pharmaceutics; Clinical Research;
                Clinical Trials; Health Management)



        Sarit Assouline, MD, FRCP C(Hematology; Oncology)
                Assistant Professor, Division of Hematology, Department of Oncology
                        McGill University; and Jewish General Hospital 

        Richard Beliveau
, PhD (Biochemistry; Molecular Medicine; Nutritional Medicine; Cancer;
                Surgery and Neurosurgery; Physiology)
Professeur de Biochimie, Titulaire de la Chaire de Recherche en Prevention et Traitement du 
                        Cancer; and Directeur du Laboratoire de Medecine Moleculaire
                        Universite du Quebec A Montreal (UQAM);
                Titulaire de la Chaire de Neurochirurgie Claude Bertrand        
                        Centre Hospitalier de l'Universite de Montreal (CHUM), Hopital Notre Dame;
                Professeur de Chirurgie et Physiologie 
                        Universite de Montreal, Faculte de Medecine;
                Chercheur Associe au Centre de Prevention du Cancer
                        McGill University, Oncology Department; and
                Membre du Groupe de Therapie Experimentale du Cancer
                       Jewish General Hospital   
        Eric Sabbah, MD (Cardiology)
                        Centre Cardiovasculaire Rive-Sud (CCRS); and
Hopital Pierre Boucher, Longueuil

        Robert Sabbah, MD, FRCSC, CSPQ (Obstetrics & Gynecology)
                Chef, Departement de  Gynecologie et Directeur Scientifique
                        Hopital Sacre-Coeur 
                Professeur, Faculte de Medicine
                        Universite de Montreal
                        Association des Obstetriciens & Gynecologues du Quebec
                Representant de la Federation des Medecins Specialistes du Quebec
                Charge des Cours d'Education Medicale Continue
                        Clinique RocklandMD 


        Geoff Bond, MSC, CEng, MICE, MIL, MITI (Nutritional Anthropology)        
                Founding President/CEO, The Natural Eating Co Ltd
              Visiting Professor
                      University of Nicosea



        Mohamed Abd El-Reheem El-Refaey, MD (Diagnostic Radiology; Teleradiology)




        Bogdan Nicolescu-Catargi, MD, PhD (Endocrinology; Diabetology)


        Jean-Philippe Azulay, MD, PhD (Neurology; Neurological Sciences)
Hopital Universitaire de la Timone
                        Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Movement Disorders Unit                        


        Denis Boucq,
MD (Plastic, Reconstructive and Esthetic Surgery)        
                Clinique Mozart, Centre de Chirurgie Plastique Reconstructrice et Esthetique
        Braccini, MD (Otorhinolaryngology)
                 Institut ICORL

        Anne Deville, MD (Pediatric Hematology; Immunology and Oncology)
                Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nice, Service de Pediatrie
                        Unite d'Hematologie, Immunologie et Cancerologie
                        Hopital de l'Archet

        Herve Haas, MD (Pediatrics)
                Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nice, Service de Pediatrie
                        Unite de Pediatrie et Pediatrie d'Urgence
Hopital de l'Archet

        Jean-Louis Roche, DDS (Dental Implantology)
                Cabinet Dentaire Atoll Beach

        Gerard Sabbah, 
DDS (Dental Surgery; Dental Implantology; Dental Robotics)
                Fondateur/Directeur General & Directeur Sanitaire        
                        EuroMedicoDentale, SRL (Europe:  Mediterrannee  Region), 
                        Centre Medical Multi-Disciplinaire 
                Fondateur & Vice President
                        France "Drive in Afrika" (Humanitarian)
                Vice President 
                        Association Medicale Italie-Cote d'Azur (France)
                        3G Groupe International
        Christine Soler,
MD (Pediatric Hematology; Immunology and Oncology)
                Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nice, Service de Pediatrie
                        Unite d'Hematologie, Immunologie et Cancerologie
                        Hopital de l'Archet

         Eytan EllenbergMD, PhD, MBA (Public Health; Pharmaceutics; Hospital Risk
Medical Linguistics and Communication; Biostatistics and Modeling; Bioethics
                        (see also under California)

        St-Laurent du Var:

        Jean-Louis Roche
, DDS (Oral Implanotology)

                Cabinet Dentaire Atoll Beach



        Khartik Anantharaman, MBA, MBBS (Medico-Marketing; Pharmaco-Economics;         
                Pharmaco-Vigilance; Regulatory Affairs; Medical Informatics & Communication)

        Anil Arundi
, DDS (Dental Surgery)  


        Venkatesh Chittarvu,
DDS (Dental Surgery; Periodontics)
                Dental Surgery, Inc. 
                (see also under Miami, Florida)

        New Delhi:

        Sukesh Trikha (Surg Lt Cdr), MD, MBA (Medical Law; Hospital Management; Consultancy)
        Narendra Vikramaditya Yadav, MD, MRCP (UK) (Interventional Cardiology;           
                Advanced Center for Cardiovascular Disease and Research, Rockland Hospital)



Boris Herscovici, PhD (Nutritional Science)
                The Technion University


        Michael Elkin, PhD (Oncology)
                Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Hadassah Hospital

        Tel Aviv:


       Arma di Taggia:

        Charles Ghenassia
, MD (Ophthalmology)

        Papa, MD (Infectious Diseases)

        Gerard Sabbah, DDS (Dental Surgery; Dental Implantology; Dental Robotics)
                        (see also under Nice, France)

        Mauricio Del  Torto, PharmD (Pharmacology)


        Giuseppe Monetti, MD (Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Radiology; Sports Medicine)

        Gianfranco Trapani
, MD (Pediatrics; Homeopathy; Nutrition Science) 
                Universita di Milano; and
                Association Pediatrika Afrika

        San Remo:

        Gerard Sabbah
, DDS (Dental Surgery; Dental Implantology; Dental Robotics)
                (see also under Nice, France)

        Gianfranco Trapani, MD (Pediatrics; Homeopathy; Nutrition Science)
                (see also under Milan)

Gerard Sabbah, DDS (Dental Surgery; Dental Implantology; Dental Robotics
                (see also under Nice, France and San Remo, Italy)

        Gianfranco Trapani, MD (Pediatrics; Homeopathy; Nutrition Science)
                (see also under Milan and San Remo)


        Peter M. Scheer
, MS, DDS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery; Cosmetic Surgery
                Orthognathic Surgery; Oral Implantology)

                (see also under Loma Linda, California)

(Brunei, Cambodge, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia,
Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam)

        Christian V. Siodmak, MD, PhD (Postgraduate Medical Education; Health Information Systems; 
               Healthcare Management; Hospital Management)



        Silvija Jakstine, MD (Radiology, Neuroradiology, Neuroscience; Postgraduate Medical Education)





        Raymond Sabbah, MSc (International Business & Finance)
                Partner, Protagonis Ltd (International Financial Services)

























































































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