International Institute of Medicine and Science, Inc. 
Dedicated to the Preservation and Betterment of  Human Lives Through Advanced Medical Sciences Research, Education, and Service to the Communities we Serve and Humanity 
A Member of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO)              
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International Institute of Medicine and Science, Inc. is a private, non-profit, independent, non-governmental institution dedicated to the preservation and betterment of human life through advanced medical sciences research, education, and service (to the communities we serve, to humanity). We are a "virtual" professional-to-professional (P2P) organization, perhaps the first of its kind, which co-opts interested physicians and scientists in all relevant fields.               
        We provide an incubator environment where physicians and scientists of  diverse disciplines from all over the globe can freely collaborate in charting novel directions in research, education, and service beyond conventional avenues and unconstrained by the limitations of traditional settings. 
        We are also a pluridisciplinary participatory platform 
(Medical Science 2.0+) to foster innovation, launch collaborative original programs in search of financial and other support at minimal overhead cost, provide specialized education, and engage in community and humanitarian service. 
        We derive our effectiveness from the inter-human connections and the professional network synergy enabled by modern-day digital communication and the Internet, and grow in effectiveness and import in proportion to the number of physicians and scientists who make more use of them. In a specialized way, we encapsulate the idea of the proliferation of professional interconnectivity and interactivity enabled by the web. (For other benefits of collaboration with the Institute, please consult the page "Resources" of this website.)              
        The only requirement on potential participants is their readiness, willingness, and ability to contribute to the vision, mission, goals, and objectives of the Institute as set forth in its Strategic Plan. Interested individuals are invited to submit a current curriculum vitae together with a statement of purpose, an outline of projects of current interest in research or/and education or/and service, and a description of the facilities they could use or make available for use to other Institute colleagues to carry out such and related projects.         
        All research, education, and service activities conducted under the aegis of the Institute, or on behalf of the Institute, are undertaken under the Golden Rule of academic freedom. Any resulting publications or/and other intellectual property will be credited, to the extent appropriate, to the Institute for the pursuit of its stated non-profit activities.                

        All medical specialties and sub-specialties are of interest, including:


        Anesthesiology                                         Gerontology (including                       Oncology (all modalities)
        Cardiology                                                          Evolutionary)                                  Orthopedics (incl. surgery)
        Critical/Emergency Care                     Gynecology                                                Pediatrics
        Dermatology                                             Hematology                                               Podiatry
        Family Practice                                        Hepatology                                                Proctology
        Gastroenterology                                    Infectious Diseases                                 Psychiatry
Nephrology                                                 Pulmonology
        Geriatrics  Neurology            Radiology                                                                                  Obstetrics                                                   Rheumatology                                                                                                                                                           

        Clinical Pharmacology                         Hyperbaric Medicine                              Osteopathic Medicine 
        Conservation Medicine                         Neuro-Critical Care Medicine             Radiation Oncology
        Disaster Medicine                                    Neuro-Interventional Medicine         Sports Medicine
        Evolutionary Medicine                         Neuro-Rehabilitation Medicine         Veterinary Medicine
        Hospital Medicine                                   Neurotology


        Cardiothoracic Surgery                       Pediatric Surgery                                     Vascular Surgery          Colo-Rectal Surgery                               Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery     Radiation Oncology


        Cosmetic Surgery                                    Orthopedic Surgery                                 Radiosurgery
        Ophthalmology                                        OtoRhinoLaryngology                            Trauma Surgery
        Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery          Neurology                                                     Urology
        Orthognathic Surgery                           Podiatry                                  

        Emergency Medicine                             Palliative Medicine                                   Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

The basic sciences are also of interest, including:

        Anatomy                                                      Genetics                                                       Nutrition Science
        Biochemistry                                             Histology                                                     Pathology
        Biology (incl. Evolutionary)               Immunology                                              Pharmacology
        Cytology                                                      Medical Physics                                        Physiology
        Embryology  Microbiology                   Toxicology                                                  
        Epidemiology                                            Neuroscience                      Virology                                      

Appropriately related fields are:

        Biogerontology                                         Medical Ethics                                         Radiogenomics
        Biophysics                                                   Medical Imaging                           Radiogical Physics
        Biostatistics  Medical mathematics                 Radiopharmacy
        Cybernetics  Nanobiotechnology                     Radiotherapy Physics
        Deep Ecology                                             Networks                                   Robotics
        Health Physics                                           Nuclear Physics                      Telehealth
        Mathematics of Complexity                 Quantum Medicine                        Telemedicine
        Medical Engineering                               Radiation Dosimetry

Recent or current research activities are taking place in: 

        Critical Care Medicine                            Evolutionary (Darwinian) Medicine
        Neuroscience                                               Genomic & Molecular Medicine and Therapy
        Nuclear Medicine                                       Law and Biomedical Ethics
        Radiation Oncology                                  Nanomedicine & Nanobiotechnology
        Radiology (Musculo-Skeletal)              Psychology
        Surgery (Oral Implantology;                Molecular Medicine  
        Maxillo-Facial; Reconstructive;     Quantum Theory of Medicine
                 Esthetic; Orthognathic)     iMedicine
Environmental Medicine     Oncology
Epigenetics & Ecogenetics     Immunotherapy

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